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FIKO is a private industrial company, owner of titanium mill in Kiev, Ukraine, for melting titanium ingots with their further working into rolled titanium materials: bars, tubes, sheets, plates, wire.




Alloys grades




China standards


English standards


GOST 21945-76

Seamless hot-finished tubes of titanium alloys


GOST 22897-86

Seamless cold-finished titanium tubes from titanium alloy grades VT1-0, PT-1M, PT-7M, OT-4.



Titanium tubes from premium titanium alloys




Cold-rolled and drawn titanium tubes from titanium alloys VT1-00, VT1-0, OT4-0, OT4-1, OT-4



TU 14-3-843-79

Seamless thin wall titanium tubes of titanium alloys PT-1M and PT-7M



TU 14-3-1280-84

Titanium alloy PT3V seamless cold-finished tubes


TU 14-3-161-73

Titanium seamless cold-finished small-sized tubes of titanium alloys PT-1M and VT1-00



TU 14-3-820-79


Seamless thin wall titanium tubes of titanium alloy grades PT-1M and PT-7M



TU 14-3-821-79

Seamless hot-finished titanium alloy tubes



TU U-322-8-41-97


Seamless cold-finished titanium tubes titanium alloy grades PT-7M, PT-3V.



ASTM B 338 / ASME SB 338


Titanium seamless cold-formed tubes of titanium alloy Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 9



ASTM B 861 / ASME SB 861


Titanium and titanium alloy seamless pipe


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