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FIKO is a private industrial company, owner of titanium mill in Kiev, Ukraine, for melting titanium ingots with their further working into rolled titanium materials: bars, tubes, sheets, plates, wire.


Manufacture of titanium ingot and titanium slab on FIKO LTD

   Fiko Ltd has titanium mill in Kiev and produce following:



titanium slab

titanium ingots

titanium ingot



Titanium ingot:


- titanium ingot ASTM Grade 1

-titanium ingot ASTM Grade 2,

- titanium ingot ASTM Grade 3,

-titanium ingot ASTM Grade 4,

-titanium ingot ASTM Grade 5,

- titanium ingot ASTM Grade 9,

-titanium ingot ASTM Grade Ti6AL/4V


Titanium slab:


-Titanium slab ASTM Grade 1,

-Titanium slab ASTM Grade 2

-Titanium slab ASTM Grade 3,

-Titanium slab ASTM Grade 4

-Titanium slab ASTM Grade 5

-Titanium slab ASTM Grade 9,

-Titanium slab ASTM Grade Ti6AL/4V




Titanium materials including:



--Titanium bar ASTM Grade 1,

-Titanium bar ASTM Grade 2

-Titanium bar ASTM Grade 3,

-Titanium bar ASTM Grade 4

-Titanium bar ASTM Grade 5

-Titanium bar ASTM Grade 9,

-Titanium bar ASTM Grade Ti6AL/4V

-Titanium sheet ASTM Grade 1,

-Titanium sheet ASTM Grade 2

-Titanium sheet ASTM Grade 3,

-Titanium sheet ASTM Grade 4

-Titanium sheet ASTM Grade 5

-Titanium sheet ASTM Grade 9,

-Titanium sheet ASTM Grade Ti6AL/4V



-Titanium plate ASTM Grade 1,

-Titanium plate ASTM Grade 2

-Titanium plate ASTM Grade 3,

-Titanium plate ASTM Grade 4

-Titanium plate ASTM Grade 5

-Titanium plate ASTM Grade 9,

-Titanium plate ASTM Grade Ti6AL/4V

-Titanium pipe ASTM Grade 1,

-Titanium pipe ASTM Grade 2

-Titanium pipe ASTM Grade 3,

-Titanium pipe ASTM Grade 4

-Titanium pipe ASTM Grade 5

-Titanium pipe ASTM Grade 9,

-Titanium pipe ASTM Grade Ti6AL/4V

- titanium wire

- titanium tube.



Fiko Electron-Beam Metallurgical plant supplied following titanium slabs upon customer's request:   

a)  titanium slab can be supplied turned

b)  titanium slab can be supplied not turned.


We melted titanium ingots with length 1000mm and more. The new facility will be able to melt titanium ingots up to 4000mm in length.

Titanium  slab is subdivided into following:

a) titanium  slab by width

b) titanium  slab by thickness

c) turned or not turned  titanium slab

Titanium slab and ingot, are produced in different weight.

The weight of titanium ingot produced by us before weighted 700 to 3200 kg. With new melting furnace we will have possibility to melt ingot of nearly 12 000 kg mass.

The main parameters of titanium slab and  ingot, depend on market demands. For production of titanium bar the most suitable will be titanium ingot dia 370mm, for rolling of titanium sheet and titanium plate the ingots with dia 630-860mm are the best choice. Moreover titanium sheet and plate are better manufactured from titanium slab.

The market dictates to manufacturer of titanium slab and titanium ingot that its cause repartition of consumption market of titanium slab and ingot:

a)      titanium slab will be used only for production of titanium sheet and titanium plate

b)      titanium slab force out titanium ingot from production market of titanium sheet and titanium plate

c)      titanium ingot take niche only for production of titanium bar, titanium tube where titanium slab cannot be used

d)      titanium slab and ingot have common market of repartition- this is titanium ring, titanium billet, titanium flange, titanium disk.

Very often customers require titanium ingot Ti6Al-4V dia 200-250mm. Usually, such titanium ingot are used in production of titanium golf clubs instead of more expensive titanium bar.

Depending on materials sizes customer needs different titanium slab by width and length.

For example, Japanese manufacturers of titanium materials-titanium sheet, titanium plate and also sheet in coil need different titanium slab by width and length. So they manufacture titanium sheet in coil 600mm and more. For this reason they need different size slabs by width. Such titanium slab is needed for Japanese and Italian manufacturers for production titanium coil sheet. Globalization forces manufacturers of titanium slabs to specialize in production of titanium slab by width or to have various crystallizers for production titanium slab in depend on market of coil sheet and in the end the exact sizes of titanium slab will be produced.

FIKOs new melting facility is also purposed for melting titanium slab.

Titanium slab will be produced in following dimensions

height of titanium slab - 400-500 mm

width of titanium slab - 1050-1325 mm

length of titanium slab - 4000 mm

Titanium slab will be supplied either in turned (machined) condition or with non-machined surface.

FIKO metallurgical plant manufactures titanium ingot both turned and not turned with dia 370, 400, 450, 510, 600, 630, 800 mm and titanium slab both machined and non-machined and supplies such titanium ingot and titanium slab to the market of Asia, Europe and America.

In manufacture of titanium slab, titanium ingot, the following grades of titanium sponge. Titanium sponge should be supplied in pressurized drums and accompanied by quality certificate. The customer orders titanium ingot, titanium slab, with low or high oxygen content. Before melting of titanium ingot or titanium slab, titanium sponge should be pressed and sorted in accordance to customers demands regarding oxygen and iron content. The chemical composition of titanium sponge is checked by analyses and if the results conform to the figures indicated in certificate, the sponge is used in production of titanium ingot, , titanium slab. 

At our plant titanium ingots, titanium slabs are melted by electron-beam method.

 The process of manufacture of titanium ingot, titanium ingot, titanium slab, is rather laborious and difficult because there are no companies in Ukraine who could supply titanium scrap in prepared for melting condition.

OF  FIKO have to sort out titanium scrap thoroughly because the quality and purity of titanium ingots and titanium slabs depends on the quality of titanium scrap.

 So Fiko Electron-Beam Metallurgical plant modernizes and improve technology of preparing of titanium scrap for melt of titanium slab and titanium ingot permanently.

   FIKO metallurgical plant usually melts Ukrainian titanium scrap into titanium ingot and titanium slab only of VT1-0, VT6 and PT3V grades, because in melting titanium scrap consisting of the pieces of titanium bar, titanium sheet and titanium plate some part of alloyed elements are burned out and it is necessary to add the ligature. Thats why the production of titanium ingot, titanium slab, in OT4, VT3-1, VT5-1, VT14, VT20, VT22, VT25, PT7M, 5V alloy, PT1M is not profitable.

That is why we are interested in ASTM GRADE 1, ASTM GRADE 2, ASTM GRADE Ti6AL/4V scrap for production of titanium slab and ingot.

   Titanium scrap from titanium bar, titanium sheet,  plate, and titanium pipe should be sorted and prepared for melting and supplied with quality certificate.

The best scrap for melting titanium ingot and titanium slab if the scrap from titanium sheet and titanium plate, because titanium scrap from titanium bars and titanium pipe cannot be piled into melting boxes tight enough. The scrap from titanium sheet and titanium plate is preferable because one melting yields of titanium ingot or titanium slab from sheets plates scrap is more than from scrap of titanium bar and titanium pipe.

After melting of titanium ingot or titanium slab it is cooling stage. Then titanium ingot or titanium slab is turned. While turning the test samples are picked out for analysis of chemical composition of melted titanium ingots or titanium slabs. Titanium turnings taken from definite titanium ingot or titanium scrap are forwarded to laboratory for analysis. Ultrasonic testing is carried out only for titanium ingots and titanium slabs with mechanically turned (machined) surface. In certificate for such titanium ingots or slabs we make a mark about ultrasonic control. In case customers demand is titanium ingot or titanium slab is with non-machined condition it is supplied without ultrasonic testing.

Finished production titanium ingots and titanium slabs are forwarded to the stock where all titanium materials are stored. In certificate for titanium slabs, titanium ingots and titanium slab and titanium ingot the following information is indicated:

a)      Casting number of titanium ingots, titanium ingot, titanium slab, titanium slabs

b)      GOST, OST and TU according to which the titanium slabs, titanium ingots, titanium slab and titanium slabs are made

c)      Length of titanium slab and titanium slabs

d)      Weight of titanium slab and titanium slabs

e)      Chemical composition of titanium slab

f)        Gas composition of titanium slab and titanium slabs

g)      Sizes of titanium titanium slab: width, thickness, weight

The information about newly melted titanium ingots and titanium slabs goes to sales & marketing department. The sales specialists of FIKO communicating with customers in Ukraine as well as in Europe, Asia, USA, Australia and provide all the necessary and required info about our titanium production.

Ti has order and export manager report we sign the contract for supply of titanium ingots, titanium slabs and this information is moved to logistic department concerning shipment these ingots or slabs.

If the customer is abroad so the specialists arrange the delivery of titanium ingots and titanium slabs.

The document set is passed to carrier with titanium ingots and titanium slabs as following: packing list for lot, quality certificate for titanium slabs, titanium ingots, titanium slab, titanium ingot.

We are interested in new supply markets of titanium slab, titanium ingot ASTM Grade-1; ASTM Grade-2; ASTM Grade-3, ASTM Grade-4; ASTM Ti6Al/4V; ASTM Grade-5; ASTM Grade-9.

More over we supply titanium bar dia. 10mm to 330mm, titanium sheet and titanium plate with 0.8-10mm thickness and titanium tubes, titanium plates with 10.5 to 80mm.

We supply titanium bars Ti6Al/4V dia.75-330mm from stock in Kiev and Rotterdam.

Moreover we take orders for manufacture of following:

      -    Titanium bar ASTM Grade-1, Grade-2, Grade-5, Ti6Al/4V Æ 10-330

-         Titanium sheet and titanium plate ASTM Grade-1, Grade-2, Grade-5, Ti6Al/4V

-         Titanium seamless pipe ASTM Grade-1, Grade-2.


Fiko Ltd are able also to supply ready titanium bar, titanium ring, titanium sheet, titanium plate, titanium pipe, titanium forgings if they are on stock:

a) From one titanium bar to large quantity

b) From one titanium sheet, plate to large quantity

c) From one titanium tube to large quantity.


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