FIKO is a private industrial company, owner of titanium mill in Kiev, Ukraine, for melting titanium ingots with their further working into rolled titanium materials: bars, tubes, sheets, plates, wire.  




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FIKO is a private industrial company, owner of titanium mill in Kiev, Ukraine, for melting titanium ingots with their further working into rolled titanium materials: bars, tubes, sheets, plates, wire.

History of titanium

 Titanium is a unique metal. As per its specific strength titanium has no equal among industrial metals. Titanium is harder in 12 times than aluminum, in 4 times than iron and copper. Yield strength of titanium is higher in 18 times than of aluminum and in 2,5 times than of iron. At extremely low temperatures titanium is not damaged as other metals but vice versa becomes firmer. Therefore titanium is a basic construction material of space vehicles.


Discovery of titanium took place three times. In 1789-1791 the English chemist U. Gregor analyzed properties of magnetic iron from the district of Menaken in Kornuela (South England). During long chemical experiments he selected "new ground" (the oxide of unknown metal) which he named menaken.


In 1795 the German chemist M. Klaptor researching rutile mineral discovered a new element which he named titanium. Two years later having compared the results of his researches with Gregors ones, M. Klaptor came to conclusion, that it is the same metal.

Ten years later a wonderful metal was opened in the third time. The French scientist L. Voklen found out titanium in anatase and proved that rutile and anatase are titanium oxides.One of remarkable properties of titanium is his unusual corrosion resistance. Another important quality of titanium is its non-magnetization, that arises significant interest for its use not only in an aviation and cosmonautics but also in the production of chemical equipment, heat-exchangers, marine borings platforms, vessel corps, framework elements and revetment of modern buildings. Besides titanium is used in manufacture of watch-cases, golf-clubs, bicycle frames and even jewelry.



Our group is represented in the world titanium market for about 15 years.

FIKO is a member of International Titanium Association and International Tube Association.

We supply our products to numerous countries worldwide - Germany, France, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, China, South Korea, Turkey, India, Pakistan and other markets.

Our prime production are titanium ingots single melted by electron-bean method.

We offer supply of our titanium goods in large quantities by air, sea container, truck  as well as small quantities via courier post.

The range of titanium goods we can offer in both large and small quantities from our two warehouses - in Kiev (Ukraine)

Board of Directors of Fiko ltd has made a resolve to open Christian page on its industrial web site. So we are interested in links exchange with Christian web sites, Christian portals and bulletin board, Christian Churches, industrial and trade sites where owners of these companies are members of evangelic churches of different countries

In addition to titanium materials we are ready to realize collaboration concerning supply of other non-ferrous metal:

 copper tube copper sheets copper plates copper bars copper wire copper ingots

 aluminium tubes aluminium sheets aluminium tubes aluminium bars aluminium plates aluminium wire aluminium ingots

bronze sheets bronze plates bronze bars bronze tubes bronze wire bronze ingots

 brass bars brass tubes brass sheets brass plates  brass wire brass tubes brass ingots

 zirconium ingots zirconium sheets zirconium plates zirconium bars zirconium tubes zirconium wire

 zinc ingots zinc sheets zinc plates zinc bars zinc tubes zinc wire

 tin ingots tin sheets tin plates tin bars  tin tubes tin wire

 tantalum ingots tantalum sheets tantalum plates tantalum bars tantalum tubes tantalum wire


FIKO is a private industrial company, owner of titanium mill in Kiev, Ukraine, for melting titanium ingots with their further working into rolled titanium materials: bars, tubes, sheets, plates, wire.


Titanium ingot

Grade1, Grade2, Ti6Al/4V, 5V (dia 370 - 510 mm)

Titanium slab

Grade1, Grade 2, Ti6Al/4V, ВТ1-0, ОТ4

Titanium bar

hot rolled bar

dia 10 to 330mm, different grades

cold rolled bar

dia 10 to 330mm, different grades

forged bar

dia 60 to 330mm, different grades

turned bar


titanium 5V forged bar

dia 470 - 510 mm

Titanium sheet

0.5 to 10 mm different alloys

Titanium plate

11 to 80mm VT1-0, VT6,  ОТ4, VТ20, VТ14, PT-3V, SP-3V

Titanium seamless tube

Titanium welded tube

we take orders for production

Titanium wire

titanium welding wire 1 to 6 mm in coils

Titanium tank

we take orders for production according to customer's drawings

Under your specific order we will consider manufacture of

  • titanium hot rolled bar , titanium forged bar, titanium turned bar

  • titanium sheet 0.5 to 10mm thickness

  • titanium plate 11 to 100 mm thickness

  • Titanium seamless tube, titanium welded tube

  • titanium wire

  • titanium ingot

  • titanium slab

  • titanium equipment - titanium heat exchangers, titanium tanks; titanium details - titanium rings, titanium flanges, titanium disks

  • titanium billets for casting and stamping

r special offer - melting furnaces equipped with cold-cathode type electron-beam guns, 600 kWt capacity for ingots production from titanium, zirconium, nickel, copper and other metals. These furnaces were created and patented at our titanium mill in Kiev. Possible productive capacity of such melting facilities is two six-ton titanium ingots per one melting. The output per year is up to 2600 Mt. Quality management is certified by TUV.

Under your order we can:

1) produce titanium ingots and other hot-rolled titanium materials

2) design and manufacture the unique equipment with your drawings from titanium, stainless steel or other non-ferrous metals

3) design and fabricate electron-beam facility - from laboratory furnace to industrial facility

4) supply spare parts for electron-beam furnace: guns VTR-600, vacuum system, power supply system and other


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